Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Muzamil is proud of his work. Matching words and pictures, thinking about initial sounds and end sounds.
Writing and reading from this morning`s ESL session.
Choose a picture.
Tell the teacher a sentence.
Teacher writes the sentence down.
The child reads it.
Teacher cuts up the sentence and mixes up the word order for the child to put in the correct order. 
Child or teacher repeats the sentence until the order is correct. 
Child copies sentence into their writing book.
Child glues the cut up sentence into the group book.
Teacher asks the child more questions to get more sentences.
Child writes them in their book. ( I have word card for the child to look up most common words on).
Child illustrates the sentence rather than the teacher copying the photo. 
(Things have to be true ie a blue balloon in there pic etc.)
Lots of scaffolding activities to get the language flowing.
Teacher asks for individual words to be pointed out. Reliance on the initial letter or familiar words etc.
Child reads text into the camera.
Child hears the playback and can repeat if feels they can do better.

We share the finished product.




Thursday, 27 September 2018

At Victoria Avenue School, we have a table tennis team who took part in the recent Term3 Auckland Table Tennis Competition, held at the Auckland Table Tennis Centre in Epsom.

In our team, we had "The Smasher," Bryan L. "The Yeller" Daksh, "The Fore-Hander" Alex, and "The Top Spinner" Bryan C.

Bryan C. ensured the teams` win for the term, by winning the last game.

The winner of the Term 3 Competition was Victoria Avenue School, yeah!

We look forward to competing in the Auckland Primary School Zone Competition on November the 8th.

By Bryan C.

Foundation students play animal bingo and then initial letter ( using pictures and word cards), dominoes..