Monday, 26 March 2018

Simon followed instructions on how to make a rabbit. He also takes great care to draw his rabbit accurately. He puts thought into his words to describe it.

YEAR 1 The children listened to instructions and made a rabbit each.
They used descriptive language to describe the size, shape and colours of the body parts.
These middle and senior students are
learning to be more descriptive
with their words when

By Olivia
Pearl white
Fluffy, soft, rabbit.
Cute, adorable, face.
Tiny, funny, eyes.
Crooked, light blue, whiskers.
Lopsided, long, ears.
A golden egg is in its tummy.

Rabbit Poem
                                                        By Gamu
Grey as a storm.
A chubby, fluffy, bunny.
Cute face.
Gigantic eyes with huge pupils.
Pokey, yellow coloured. Whiskers
Pointy, straight, ears.  
A red egg in its tummy.


Rabbit Poem
By Kenny
Snow white,
Tiny baby,
Funny face,
Big, very close together, eyes!
Short, tidy, whiskers.
Very long ears are flopping to the earth.
What a beautiful rabbit!
A green egg in its tummy.

Rabbit Poem
By Saku

Snow white,
Baby, miniature, size,
Small, fluffy, chubby, rabbit.
Cute, adorable, face.
Shiny, bright eyes.
Short, wonky, whiskers.
Long, straight, ears.
A green egg is in its tummy.

Brian is sharing his descriptive writing about being on a roller-coaster.
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