Friday, 25 November 2016

The Musical "Rats." All year 5&6 students perform in character on the stage. The plays goes for three nights.

                                                               Street Rats
                                                Parents help with putting make up on the rats.
                             Each class has acting roles. Here are the bakers, butchers and waiters.
The Rat Army.
                                                       Eye make up
                                                           Lip stick
                                                 Teachers, parents and students all work together.

                                                          Hairspray holds the hair in place
                         Lots of  talcum powder makes the Silver Liners (old folk) look their age.

                                                              So that is what I look like!

                                                                    Paint on the nose.
                                                         Wigs create a wonerful effect too.
                                                      Even finger nails are painted.

                                Mr De Forges films and also has to edit the night`s performance.
                              Girls hover round a large mirror  doing their own final touches.

                                                             Nothing like a happy chef!
                 Chefs, bakers and butchers gather in the classroom before going over to the hall.
                                                         Finihing touches.
                                                               The Rat Army

                                                                 Everyone had a makeup bag.
                                                     Ears and makeup,as well as costume complete the look.
 Forehead wrinkles are draan on with liner pencils and will show up well under the lights on the stage.

                            Finally on the stage. Mr De Forges has the footage of the whole performance.

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