Thursday, 1 December 2016

Auckland Table Tennis Zones. 150 students from different Schools competed this year, in the Auckland Primary School Table Tennis Zones at the Gillies Ave Stadium on Thursday 1st December. Victoria Avenue entered a full squad of 8 boys and 8 girls. All the children played between 9-15 games. It was a full on day for all.

The Boys Squad. 
Our boys` team was Jackson, Alex IJ, Thomas M, Taylor, Keanu, Fonga, Dean and Thomas D.
These games were fast, furious and highly skilled. Well done boys!
Taylor,Thomas M and Keanu went through to the quarter-finals.
Keanu went further and won a bronze medal and a third equal placing.
                             The Girls Squad.    A GOLD MEDAL FOR JAMIE.
The girls' squad included  Kate, Elva, Olivia, Jamie, Lucy, Molly, Grace and Emma.
Elva, Molly and Jamie went through to the quarter-finals. Molly and Jamie had to verse
each other. Jamie won and moved on to the semis. There she succeeded again and was 
first place in the final, receiving the  gold medal.
Fantastic play Jamie!
Well done all our girls.

Inside the stadium. 150 competitors.

A wonderful win and  the Gold Medal for Jamie!!
                                       A hard fight, high skill level Table Tennis with the top boys and a bronze for Keanu.  

A big thank you to Mrs Nevill who gave her time and energy to supervise all day and help with scoring.

Molly and Jamie had to verse each other in the 1/4 finals.

All our children represented VAS with great sportsmanship and took ownership of  play and the organisation of the day running smoothly.

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