Thursday, 16 March 2017

Year 2 are looking at Dinosaur Communities. These drawings are scary!

First, we sat in a circle and talked about what we knew about dinosaurs.
Then we each chose two model dinosaurs, from Ms Hadlow`s box of dinosaurs. She asked us all sorts of questions eg. "Does your dinosaur have horns? Does it have scales? Are its legs thick and short? Does it have a long neck long? Could it run really fast? Did it have a powerful tail?  Does it lay eggs?  Is it a meat eater, a carnivore?  Does it have sharp claws? Does it have wings? "
 If our answers were "YES" we held up  our dinosaur to show the group.

Next, we looked at posters of dinosaurs and were told we would draw our own dinosaur scene. We were given chalk and a space to draw whatever dinosaurs we wished. We also drew a huge volcano and some trees and water.
We talked about what we drew. Some of us had dinosaurs that were fighting. Some were eating. Some were sitting. Some were just walking.
We were very thoughtful and creative with our pictures.

The claws on this dinosaur were sharp.
                                This stegosaurus was huge!

We shared our drawings and thoughts with each other and some of our other friends.
It was a fun challenge.

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