Wednesday, 22 March 2017

YEAR 5 and 6 students' writing and reactions to TORNADOES.

 The Deadly Tornado

The violent tornado sucked up trees and houses up into the sky.
The twister terror had damaged a lot of houses.The furious storm had destroyed and flattened the town.The deadly king of the tornado destroyed houses.

By Huanran. Year 5, Room 4.


The strike of the tornado has begun. People are running from the terror and the violent force. The twister sucked up everything from the ground. The huge storm flattened, scattered and threw everything around.

By Eugene. Year 6, Room 3.

The Violent Tornado

The violent tornado destroys everything in it’s path. The twister sucked up everything, houses, trees and cars. The terror twister can be faster than cars on the motorway.

                            By Emily. Year 6, Room 4


The Destroyer Tornado
The twister tornado
The violent storm
The fierce striking tornado sucked up the house.
The tornado is very fierce and it is 5 kilometres wide.

         By Wilson. Year 5, Room 4.

                                 The Terror Tornado

The destroying, devastating tornado turned round and round. It sucked up cars and houses. People were screaming and running to their houses. The storm was big and violent. It zapped up to the sky. The tornado forced itself to break lots of houses and scattered them everywhere. It was a terror! The wind was in a fury. The pathways were gone. The storm was huge and scary!!

By Tanatswa. Year 5, Room 5.

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