Wednesday, 28 February 2018

 Victoria Avenue School in Auckland is currently celebrating Chinese New Year across its Year Levels from Year 2 to Year 6.
Liu Laoshi endeavoured to provide VAS children with multiple opportunities to participate in Chinese cultural activities, such as The Dragon Dance, The Red Handkerchief Dance and The Tangyuan-Making Workshop.
Year 5s and 6s, found themselves having a lot of fun and good laughs while they tried to dance the 7-metre-long ‘dragon’ across the school basketball court. These groups of children also attended the Tangyuan-Making Workshop run by Liu Laoshi just outside their classrooms.
Year 2s had a lot of fun trying out the Chinese drums and gongs, while Year 3s enjoyed doing the Red-Handkerchief Dance with Liu Laoshi and Yu Laoshi-VAS Mandarin Assistant for 2018.
The Tangyuan-Making workshop has provided them with an opportunity to know the origins of the Lantern Festival and the cultural implication of Tangyuan Making.
Students were encouraged to make Tangyuan- a round-shaped gluten rice dough from scratch.
They also enjoyed watching the cooking and the way Liu Laoshi dished up the Tangyuan. They were told not to eat their own Tangyuan until after lunchtime because Tangyuan can stay hot for a relatively long time after it has been cooked.

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