Monday, 19 October 2020

The Little Red Hen. These Yr 1`s made their own dough just like the Little Red Hen did.


Skye and Nicole each made, 3 bags of play dough.

 They used 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup of salt, a cup of water and blue, yellow, pink and green, food colouring.

 They measured, poured, coloured, mixed, kneaded, rolled and then packaged, their dough.

It was fun making a gingerbread man.

 They were super busy chefs!

Friday, 11 September 2020

Year 3 students invented a board about Day and Night for the year 1`s .

  The game was about the Yr 1 IBL Topic, "NIGHT AND DAY". 

      The Year 3`s made some counters for the students to use.

The Day/Night Game

Before you start:

It is a good idea to have look at the pictures, read the words and numbers on the

playing board. Then talk about the number patterns, animals, times, foods, and


You will need:

Playing Board, Dice, Set of  4 Counters, Night/Day Cards

2-4 players.

How To Play:

Roll the dice to see who will start first.

The highest number rolled, goes first.

The first player rolls the dice and moves his/her counter along the board

He then picks a card from the pack. 

Is it a morning, noon, evening or night card?

He then has to say a sentence explaining the number he rolled on the dice

that matches up with the card he picked.

eg He got a morning card and he rolled a 1 so he must say Good Morning

He got a night card and rolled a 2 so he must name a nocturnal animal.

Dice Numbers 

  1. Say a greeting.

  2. Name an animal who would be awake at this time.

  3. Decide if it is am, pm, dawn or dusk, midnight, noon or midday.

  4. Name the meal you would you have and what you would eat and drink.

  5. Name an animal who would be asleep at this time.

  6. Name something you might do at this time and where might you be?

The next player rolls the dice and so on.

If you land on a red spot you have another turn. The numbers are

multiples of 5 and 10.